Hobsons Bay City Council - A-Z Council policies, strategies & plans

A-Z Council policies, strategies & plans

A-Z Council policies, strategies & plans

A - Council Adopted Policies

Affordable Housing Policy Statement 2016(PDF, 797KB)

Ageing Well Strategy

Audio Recording of Council and Committee Meetings (including podcasting)(PDF, 15KB)

Hobsons Bay Creative City Arts and Culture Plan 2018-2022(PDF, 7MB)

Arts and Culture Venues Policy(PDF, 21KB)

Asset Management Policy(PDF, 169KB)  



B - Council Adopted Policies

Best Value Policy(PDF, 18KB)

Business Continuity Policy 2015-18(PDF, 696KB)

C - Council Adopted Policies

Capital Development of Sport and Recreation Facilities Policy(PDF, 430KB)

CCTV Policy Statement(PDF, 146KB)

Early Childhood Education and Care Public Policy 2015-18(PDF, 252KB)

Climate Change Policy(PDF, 2MB)

Circus Bookings Policy(PDF, 14KB)

Civic Receptions Policy(PDF, 13KB)

Community Bus Policy(DOC, 43KB)

Community Committees (Formation and Management) Policy(PDF, 32KB)

Community Engagement Framework Policy(PDF, 2MB)

Community Grants Policy(PDF, 412KB)

Community Groups Policy - Council Assistance Policy(PDF, 28KB)

Community Recognition and Awards Policy(PDF, 18KB) 

Community Signboards Policy(PDF, 108KB)

Complaints Management Policy(PDF, 355KB)

Condolences Policy(PDF, 13KB)

Corporate Images including Council Logo Policy(PDF, 25KB)

Council Volunteers Policy(PDF, 28KB)

Councillor Code of Conduct(PDF, 1MB)

Councillor Development and Conference Policy(PDF, 262KB)

Chief Executive Officer, Councillor and Staff Interaction Policy(PDF, 288KB)

Councillor Support and Expenses Policy(PDF, 277KB)

Council Plan


D - Council Adopted Policies

Domestic Animal Management Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Disability Access and Inclusion Strategy 2013-17(PDF, 3MB)

Disability Policy and Action Plan(PDF, 2MB)

Discontinuance and Sale of Roads, Rights of Way and Drainage Reserves Policy 2018(PDF, 695KB)

Dogs in Public Places Policy(PDF, 960KB) 



E - Council Adopted Policies

Early Childhood Education and Care Public Policy 2015-18(PDF, 252KB)

Economic Development Strategy(PDF, 6MB)

Election Period Policy Adopted 8 March 2016(PDF, 311KB)

Electric Line Clearance Management Plan(PDF, 1MB)  

Emergency Management Plan

Environmental strategies and plans

Environmentally Sustainable Development Policy Statement(PDF, 1MB)

Events and Festivals Plan 2016-21(PDF, 145KB)

Extended Trading Hours Policy(PDF, 11KB)

Problem Gambling - Electronic Gaming Machines Policy Statement(PDF, 206KB)


F - Council Adopted Policies

Family Care Policy - Councillors(PDF, 256KB)

Filming Policy and Guidelines(PDF, 40KB)

Fleet Management Purchasing(PDF, 11KB)

Flying of Flags Policy(PDF, 47KB)

Food Security Policy Statement (Improving Access to Food in Hobsons Bay(PDF, 182KB))

Fraud Risk Management Policy(PDF, 42KB)


G - Council Adopted Policies

Gender Equity Policy Statement(PDF, 138KB)

Gifts,Benefits and Hospitality Policy(PDF, 649KB)

Graffiti Management Policy and Strategy(PDF, 135KB) 


H - Council Adopted Policies

Hardship Policy(PDF, 23KB)

Heritage Streets and Laneways Policy Statement Plan(PDF, 109KB)

Hobsons Bay 2030 - Community Vision

Horses on Beach(PDF, 22KB)


I - Council Adopted Polices

Information (Access and Use) Policy(PDF, 22KB)

Investment Policy and Strategy(PDF, 21KB)


J - Council Adopted Policies


K - Council Adopted Policies

Kindergarten Central Enrolment Policy and Guidelines(PDF, 223KB)

Three Year Old Kindergarten Policy and Guidelines(PDF, 144KB)


L - Council Adopted Policies

Landscape Design Guidelines(PDF, 920KB)

Learning Communities Strategic Plan 2016-19(PDF, 2MB)

Library Collection Development Policy(PDF, 515KB)  



M - Council Adopted Policies

Management of Dogs in Public Places(PDF, 29KB)

Media Policy - Hobsons Bay City Council(PDF, 50KB)

Memorial Plaques and Cremated Remains in Public Places(PDF, 222KB)

Minimising the Harm of Alcohol Policy Statement 2016(PDF, 273KB)

Multicultural Policy 2016-20(PDF, 1MB)



N - Council Adopted Policies

Naming Policy(PDF, 35KB)

Nuclear Free Zone Declared(PDF, 9KB)


O - Council Adopted Policies

Occupational Health and Safety Policy 2015-18(PDF, 556KB)

Open Data Access Policy(PDF, 895KB)

Open Space Plan Policy(PDF, 649KB)

Open Space Strategy(PDF, 18MB) and appendices(PDF, 10MB)  


P - Council Adopted Policies

Parking Permit Zones - Resident(PDF, 11KB)

Parking Ticket Machines - Disabled Access(PDF, 9KB)

Provision-of-New-Pathways-Policy.pdf(PDF, 515KB)

Zero Tolerance - Illegal Parking Around Schools(PDF, 560KB)

Planning Enforcement Policy(PDF, 61KB)

Privacy Policy(DOC, 352KB)

Problem Gambling - Electronic Gaming Machines Policy Statement(PDF, 206KB)

Procurement Policy(PDF, 697KB)  

Public Access to Parks and Reserves(PDF, 10KB)

Public Art Policy(PDF, 36KB)

Public Question Time Policy(PDF, 406KB)

Hobsons Bay Public Art Strategy 2016-2020(PDF, 39MB)

Public Toilet Strategy(PDF, 1MB)

Public Question Time at Ordinary Council Meeting Policy


Q - Council Adopted Policies


R - Council Adopted Policies

Reconciliation Policy(PDF, 51KB)

Refund Procedure(DOCX, 26KB)

Risk Management Policy(PDF, 561KB)

Road Management Plan(PDF, 1MB)


S - Council Adopted Policies

Signage - Directional(PDF, 12KB)

Sponsorship Policy(PDF, 22KB)

Sport and recreation policies, strategies and plans

Sport and Recreation Facilities - Licence Lease and Hire Agreements Policy(PDF, 613KB)

Sporting Facilities - Alcoholic Beverages - Consumption and/or Sale of Alcoholic Beverages at Council's Sporting Facilities(PDF, 31KB)

Sport Facility Needs Analysis(PDF, 6MB)  

Sportsgrounds - Fees/Charges - Stage Two(PDF, 10KB)

Street Numbering(PDF, 13KB)

Street Stalls and Collections Policy(PDF, 512KB)

Street Tree Policy(PDF, 12KB)

Heritage Streets and Laneways Policy and Management Plan(PDF, 109KB)

Sustainable Design in Council Facilities(PDF, 13KB)

Sustainable Tourism Strategy(PDF, 3MB)


T - Council Adopted Policies

Tennis Needs Assessment(PDF, 6MB)  (PDF, 11KB)

Towards Reconciliation Traditional Inhabitants Acknowledgement(PDF, 11KB)

Truck Routes - B-Double and B-Triple(PDF, 13KB)


U - Council Adopted Policies

Universal Design Policy Statement(PDF, 167KB)  

Use of Land and Facilities in Hobsons Bay(PDF, 13KB)


V - Council Adopted Policies

Council Volunteers Policy(PDF, 28KB)

Visitor Information Centre Business Plan(PDF, 480KB)


W - Council Adopted Policies

Water Tank Policy and Guidelines(PDF, 29KB)

Waste and Litter Management Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Waste Management Financial Reserve Policy(PDF, 87KB)

Waste Service and Charge Policy(PDF, 319KB)

Western Transport Strategy - Integrated Transport Strategy Final Report(PDF, 1MB) 

Western Transport Strategy(PDF, 9MB)


X - Council Adopted Policies


Y - Council Adopted Policies


Z - Council Adopted Policies

Zero Tolerance Illegal Parking Around Schools Policy(PDF, 483KB)

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