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Roadworks in your street

Roadworks in your street

Did you know that we have more than 670 kilometres of roads in Hobsons Bay? All varying in age, materials and usage, our many roads require difference extents of maintenance to be kept in their safest and most practical condition. However, as with any other asset, through time and usage our roads can deteriorate in a number of ways, including loss of shape and break down of asphalt.

Council has processes in place to determine which of our roads are of greatest priority for road resurfacing or rehabilitation. For the last 10 years, Council has undertaken audits to assess the condition of ours roads every four years. This involves an independent assessment of the roads within Hobsons Bay to prioritise road upgrade works. 

Another thing that can transform over many years is the behaviour of drivers in our roads due to population changes, infrastructure and more. Traffic treatments are introduced and adjusted over time to suit the needs of the community to encourage a healthy driver, pedestrian, cyclist and resident relationship.

If any of these works are occurring in your street, we understand that you may have concerns about possible disruption.

View our Frequently Asked Questions for information regarding access, waste collection, hours of work and more during roadworks.

Depending on the works involved, roadworks are implemented under three separate Capital Works Programs: 

1. Road Resurfacing Program:

Works involve laying a new top layer of asphalt. Roads that are included on this year's program are listed below.

David Street, Altona – Railway St Sth to Queen St

David Street, Altona – Civic Pde to Railway St Nth

Jordan Close, Altona – Maidstone St to end

Railway St Nth, Altona – McBain St to Pier St

Seagull Avenue, Altona – Blyth St to Purnell St

Harcourt Rd, Altona Nth – Burns Rd to end of dual carriageway

Birrell Court, Altona Meadows – Brown Ave to end

Bruce Street Sth, Altona Meadows – Central Ave to Princes Fwy

Gordon Street Sth, Altona Meadows – Carinza Ave to end

Hopkins Court, Altona Meadows – Hosie St to end

Kamona Court, Altona Meadows – Polywoodside Dve to end

Mildenhall Court, Altona Meadows – Balaclava Ace to end

Mulcahy Court, Altona Meadows – Philip St to end

Noonan Court, Altona Meadows – Langhorne St to end

Presswell Close, Altona Meadows – Tatman Dve to end

Rowson Court, Altona Meadows – Nelson Ave to end

Strezlecki Grove Sth, Altona Meadows – Carinza Ave to end

Trembath Court, Altona Meadows – Alma Doepel Drive to end

Everingham Road, Altona Meadows – Victoria St to Laird Dve

O’Brien Court, Altona Meadows – Queen St to end

Investigator Grove, Altona Meadows – Alma Doepel Dve to end

Carthy Street, Altona North – Freemans Rd to Knapp St

Duke Street, Altona North – Millers Rd to Murphy St

Fifth Ave, Altona North – Mason St to Blackshaws Rd

Hobbs Street, Altona North – Millers Rd to Seventh Ave

Knapp Street, Altona North – Gadsden St to end

Mills St, Altona North – Mason St roundabout

Pinnacle Road, Altona North – Grieve Pde to Ives Rd

Rosala Avenue, Altona North – Glade Ave to Irwin Ave

Seventh Avenue, Altona North – Hobbs St to Berkeley Cres

Third Avenue, Altona North – Hobbs St to Hendren St

Third Avenue, Altona North – Blackshaws Rd to Cresser St

Salta Drive, Altona North – Kororoit Ck Rd to end

Taras Avenue, Altona North – Dual carraigeway to end

Houston Court, Altona North – Primula Ave to end

Richards Court, Altona North – Primula Ave to end

Jennings Street, Laverton – Bladin St to Tyquin St

Lakes Drive, Newport – Mason St to Leslie St

Milford Street, Newport – Roslyn St to Melrose St

Roslyn Street, Newport – Woods St to Market St

North Road, Newport – The Strand to Douglas Pde

Burgoyne Court, Williamstown – Rifle Range Drv to end

Douch Street, Williamstown – Power St to Melbourne Rd

Forster Street, Williamstown – Gellibrand St to Osborne St

Freyer Street, Williamstown – Melbourne Rd to Power St

Gellibrand Street, Williamstown – Bayview St to Victoria St

Gellibrand Street, Williamstown – Victoria St to Forster St

Power Street, Williamstown – Pentland St to end

Railway Crescent, Williamstown – Cole St to Giffard St

Smith Avenue, Williamstown – Farrell Crt to end

Whittaker Court, Williamstown – Rifle Range Drv to end

Cecil Street, Williamstown – Cole St to Parker St

Courtis Street, Williamstown – Melbourne Rd to Federal St

Burbidge Drive, Williamstown – Rifle Range Dve to Clancy St

Cole Street, Williamstown – Hanmer St to Railway Plc

Akuna Drive, Williamstown – Champion Rd to end.

Please read the frequently asked questions above. Residents in the streets listed above will receive more information from Council outlining the works to be undertaken including an approximate date of works.

2. Road Rehabilitation Program:

Major works are involved in addition to laying a new layer of asphalt. This may include alterations to the kerb and channel, streetscape, drainage and more. To take a look at our major road rehabilitation projects, view the Roads and Streetscapes home page. 

Alma Terrace

Road rehabilitation and drainage works are about to commence at Alma Terrace, Newport between Wilkins Street and Yarra Street. Works include the installation of underground storm water drainage, reconstruction of the existing concrete and bluestone kerb and channel and the rehabilitation of the road pavement. A residents meeting was held in early July 2018. Click here for a flyer and a frequently asked questions on the works. (PDF, 434KB)


Perspective image of Alma Terrace

During these works there will be tree removals. Tree removal will commence in the week beginning Monday 6 August 2018 and once started will take approximately three days to complete. You can view a map of and information on where the new trees will be planted here(PDF, 611KB).

Road Rehabilitation will commence Monday 13 August 2018 and will take approximately 12 weeks to complete, weather dependent. Traffic management will be in place to ensure the safety of pedestrians, contractors and vehicles moving through the street.

If you have any queries please email the Alma Terrace Project Manager or call Council on 9932 1000.

3. Traffic treatment works

Traffic treatment works are undertaken to deter irresponsible driving behaviours by physical designs and other measures in situations where signage isn't sufficient. Including narrowed roads, speed cushions, splitter islands and roundabouts, among others.

More information

For more information on the condition of your road or the details of our road resurfacing or rehabilitation projects, you can contact us by calling 9932 1131 or emailing us at projects@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au

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