Hobsons Bay City Council - Parking, roads & transport

Parking, roads & transport

Download the Public Road Register(PDF, 235KB) to find out which authority is responsible for which road in Hobsons Bay.

Call the Hoon and Trail Bike Hotline (Crimestoppers) to report anti-social driving.

Parking restrictions & permits

Parking around schools and on naturestrips and how to apply for a parking permit.

Road closures

View the latest road closures and traffic alerts around Hobsons Bay and the rest of Victoria.

Roadworks in your street

Information on road resurfacing, rehabilitation and traffic treatment in Hobsons Bay.

Transport strategies and plans

View Council's most up-to-date transport strategies and plans.

Road safety

Council's Road Safety Strategy 2011-13 outlines how Council will increase safety on our roads.

Road & footpath maintenance

Council maintains all constructed roads in the municipality with the exception of arterial roads.

Drainage maintenance

Council has responsibility for the maintenance of Council owned stormwater drainage.

Truck routes & curfews

Truck routes for B-Double and Higher Mass Limits and curfews for trucks in the west

Roads & drainage construction standards

Roads & drainage construction standards