Roadworks in your street

Roadworks in your street

Did you know that we have more than 670 kilometres of roads in Hobsons Bay? All varying in age, materials and usage, our many roads require difference extents of maintenance to be kept in their safest and most practical condition. However, as with any other asset, through time and usage our roads can deteriorate in a number of ways, including loss of shape and break down of asphalt.  

Council has processes in place to determine which of our roads are of greatest priority for road resurfacing or rehabilitation. For the last 10 years, Council has undertaken audits to assess the condition of ours roads every four years. This involves an independent assessment of the roads within Hobsons Bay to prioritise road upgrade works. 

Another thing that can transform over many years is the behaviour of drivers in our roads due to population changes, infrastructure and more. Traffic treatments are introduced and adjusted over time to suit the needs of the community to encourage a healthy driver, pedestrian, cyclist and resident relationship.

If any of these works are occurring in your street, we understand that you may have concerns about possible disruption.

View our Frequently Asked Questions for information regarding access, waste collection, hours of work and more during roadworks.

Depending on the works involved, roadworks are implemented under three separate Capital Works Programs: 

1. Road Resurfacing Program:

Works involve laying a new top layer of asphalt. Roads that are listed on this program are listed quarterly on this page.

Streets included in the first program for 17/18 will be notified and listed on this page in coming weeks.

Car park resurfacing 

Newport Lakes Car Park   June - August, 2017   More information 
HD Grahram Car Park  June - August, 2017  More information

2. Road Rehabilitation Program:

Major works are involved in addition to laying a new layer of asphalt. This may include alterations to the kerb and channel, streetscape, drainage and more. To take a look at our major road rehabilitation projects, view the Roads and Streetscapes home page. 

Anzac Crescent Scheduled late 2017
Tobruk Crescent Scheduled late 2017
 Brown Street Scheduled late 2017

3. Traffic treatment works:

Traffic treatment works are undertaken to deter irresponsible driving behaviours by physical designs and other measures in situations where signage isn't sufficient. Including narrowed roads, speed cushions, splitter islands and roundabouts, among others.

Cecil Street bluestone edge strips installation   Scheduled mid-late 2017
Mount and Blyth Street Pram Crossing   Scheduled mid-late 2017

More information

For more information on the condition of your road or the details of our road resurfacing or rehabilitation projects, you can contact us by calling 9932 1131 or emailing us at

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