The Neighbourhood Project

The Neighbourhood Project

What is the Neighbourhood Project?

The Neighbourhood Project is championing a summer of community action in Brooklyn. Residents, traders and visitors of Brooklyn are invited to organise community projects in underutilised spaces in Brooklyn. The projects will be chosen by the Brooklyn community and be temporary activities set up during November to January.

Why is the Project being run in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn has been selected as one of three suburbs in Melbourne to receive a grant from CoDesign Studio to be part of The Neighbourhood Project.

Council applied for the funding specifically for the Brooklyn community because projects like this have been used to beautify neighbourhoods and bring a sense of community and fun to vacant or underused spaces. It is clear that getting to know your neighbours can make places more resilient, assist in times of difficulty and improve the sense of safety. It is hoped that Brooklyn can achieve all of these things, particularly given that the area is undergoing a lot of change with new families moving in, keen to meet their neighbours.

Who is involved in the project?

These projects will be delivered by you, the Brooklyn community. Hobsons Bay City Council is here to support you to get your projects up and running. Council’s project team are working behind the scenes preparing and making it easy to streamline processes. CoDesign Studio who have provided the funding are also involved; they are a consultancy specialising in place-making projects with community groups.

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More information

Further information can be found at

Or contact Liz Smith at Council or 9932 1284



The Neighbourhood Project Newsletter 3 - January 2017(PDF, 2MB)  

The Neighbourhood Project Newsletter 2 - December 2016(PDF, 1MB)

The Neighbourhood Project Newsletter 1 - November 2016(PDF, 724KB)


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