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Shared Trail Projects

Information on upcoming shared trail construction projects.

As part of the long-term Hobsons Bay Strategic Bicycle Plan 2013-2017, creating and improving our shared trail network promotes exercise and healthy recreational activity. It gives residents the option to use alternative transport to cars.

The construction and continuous improvement of each trail not only takes us one step closer to having a continuous shared trail throughout Hobsons Bay, it also helps to reduce conflicts between commuters by designating separate areas for cyclists and pedestrians to use and avoiding on-road cycling.

Council endeavours to create a trail that is well connected, user-friendly and inclusive. 

Stencils and signage on our shared trails

Developing a consistent suite of signage and stencils to benefit all users.

Kororoit Creek Shared Trail

Section 2 and 3 of the Kororoit Creek Shared Trail.

Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail Reconstruction

Council is continuing to construct and upgrade the trail around our coast.

Skeleton Creek Trail Construction

Creating better pathways for all users around the Seabrook and Altona Meadows Skeleton Creek.