West Gate Tunnel, State Government

West Gate Tunnel, State Government

In late 2015 the Victorian Government announced its intention to construct the Western Distributor, recently renamed as the West Gate Tunnel project. When finished the West Gate Tunnel will provide an alternative river crossing to the West Gate Bridge and funnel traffic to the northern section of CityLink at Footscray Road. The key components of the Western Distributor include the widening of the West Gate Freeway, tunnels under the Maribyrnong River connecting to CityLink in the north, and important connections to the ports leaving the West Gate Bridge connecting the western suburbs with central Melbourne.

Latest News

Thursday 15 September

The Inquiry and Advisory Committee (IAC) hearings are continuing. On Thursday 15 September, a report on the impact of the Western Distributor on Brooklyn was tabled by the Counsel assisting the IAC. The report provides a summary of the EES, EES Technical Reports and evidence relating to the impacts of the project on the suburb of Brooklyn.

Monday 14 August

The Inquiry and Advisory Committee (IAC) hearings began on 14 August and will run for the next five weeks. Once the hearings are finished, the IAC must submit its report to the Minister by 23 October 2017 unless an extension is granted. Hobsons Bay City Council will present its submission to the IAC on 4 to 6 September at the Footscray Community Arts Centre. For more details see the section below entitled What is Council's position on the project?

Wednesday 26 July 

A total of 504 submissions have been made to the West Gate Tunnel EES Process and Council has hard copies available for viewing at the Newport Hub, Altona North Library and the Altona Civic Centre.  

The submissions are now publicly available, view them online now.

For general information, visit the West Gate Tunnel Inquiry and Advisory Committee page

Monday 10 July 

Council has made a submission on the Environmental Effects Statement for the West Gate Tunnel Project to the Victorian Government's Inquiry and Advisory Committee. View Council’s revised submission.(PDF, 32MB)

Tuesday 27 June

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 27 June Council endorsed its submission on the Environmental Effects Statement for the Project which will be presented to the State Government's Inquiry and Advisory Committee.

In addition to the submission presented, Council resolved to add the following to their submission:

* truck bans in Millers Road except for trucks which originate or terminate in Brooklyn and Altona North - the final details of this recommended ban are being finalised

* monitoring stations for air quality to become permanent and form part of the EPA monitoring network with regular

* lighting along the Federation Trail

Tuesday 13 June

 Council’s position on the Environmental Effects Statement was endorsed at Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 13 June. The updated position includes:

* a requirement for the project to include a range of adequate traffic mitigation measures to be implemented within Hobsons Bay, given that the West Gate Tunnel Project will:

a) introduce new road tolls along the freeway, in the tunnels and on the Hyde street ramps

b) introduce 24 hour truck bans on existing truck routes located north of Hobsons Bay

c) bring an additional 37,000 vehicles per day onto the West Gate Freeway and 7,000 extra trucks onto Millers Road (compared to no project)

d) create a high level of uncertainty and risk in regard to traffic impacts on Hobsons Bay.

Such required measures to include 24 hour truck bans implemented in Blackshaws Road, Hudsons Road, Mason Street, North Road, Kororoit Creek Road (east of Millers Road) and High Street, Laverton and a night and weekend truck curfew introduced in Millers Road between Kororoit Creek Road and Geelong Road, noting that local businesses with a destination point within these areas would be exempt from these truck bans.

* a request for the State Government to purchase vacant industrial land located between Simcock Avenue and the West Gate Freeway, Spotswood for the purposes of conversion to public open space to assist in offsetting the adverse impacts of the West Gate Tunnel Project on the local community

* recognition that the Tender Design contains a number of improvements over the Reference Design, including the extension of the west bound tunnel and portal location, the construction of Stage 1 of the Kororoit Creek Trail, improved noise mitigation, more shared use paths and additional amenity planting and landscaping of land along the Freeway corridor.

 You can view the Council meeting minutes here.


What is Council's position on the project?

Council’s position on the EES was endorsed at Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 13 June.  You can view the Council meeting minutes here.

Please follow this link to read the media release: EES congested with detail and not enough time

Please follow this link to read the media release: Action needed on trucks and traffic from West Gate tunnel


What stage is the West Gate Tunnel project?

The Victorian Government released the Environment Effects Statement (EES) for the West Gate Tunnel Project. The EES public submission period is now closed.

The Minister for Planning has appointed a joint Inquiry and Advisory Committee (IAC) to review the EES, draft Planning Scheme Amendment, Works Approval application, public submissions, and investigate and consider the environmental effects of the project in accordance with Terms of Reference approved by the Minister for Planning.

The IAC allows the public to participate in the planning and environmental decision making process. They independently assess planning proposals by considering submissions, conducting hearings and preparing reports.

The IAC are only advisors and make recommendations, the final decision is left to the appropriate Victorian Government Minister.

The role of the IAC is to:

  • provide an independent forum for submitters to be heard in an informal, non-judicial manner
  • give expert advice to the planning authority (usually the local council) or the Minister about a planning proposal
  • inquire into all aspects of the proposal and submissions

The public hearings commenced on 14 August 2017 and will last for approximately five weeks.

They are taking place at:

Footscray Community Arts Centre

45 Moreland Street


The IAC must submit its report to the Minister by 23 October 2017 unless an extension is granted. 

View the EES documentation that comprehensively assess the environmental effects and benefits of the project.

The design of the West Gate Tunnel project was released in April 2017. View the design of the West Gate Tunnel Project.

Environmental Effects Statements

The Victorian Government is required to prepare a series of Environmental Effects Statements. These statements or technical reports will detail the environmental impacts of the West Gate Tunnel Project on the community and how these issues will be managed. 

The Victorian Government is engaging with the community and key business stakeholders throughout this process. 

The project team is holding information sessions across the western suburbs throughout June. Click here to see when and where the nearest information session is to you, or check out the table above. Hobsons Bay City Council encourages you to familiarise yourself with the EES and get involved in the conversation on the West Gate Tunnel project.


Who is building the West Gate Tunnel project?

The tendering process is now complete and construction of the West Gate Tunnel project has been awarded to John Holland. 

More information on the West Gate Tunnel Project can be found on the State Government’s project page


What role does Council have in the project?

The West Gate Tunnel project will have far reaching effects on the Hobsons Bay community, including how local areas look and how people travel. 

Council officers are now evaluating the design documentation and the Environmental Effects Statements against the adopted position and recommendations including the principles, objectives and performance measures that Council presented to the Western Distributor in August 2016.

View Council's endorsed position.(PDF, 1MB)

Hobsons Bay City Council would like to thank the community who provided feedback during the development of Council’s position on the project. 

This position document enables Council to advocate on behalf of its community to ensure that the Hobsons Bay community needs are heard and listened to and gives Council a more powerful voice during the design process. 


Get involved

It’s never too late to register for project updates and stay involved. Register your interest or just contact us through any of the following ways:

1. Share your views and join the conversation here.

2. Email: westerndistributor@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au

3. Phone: 9932 1000

If you would like further information on the West Gate Tunnel project visit http://westgatetunnelproject.vic.gov.au/ or call 1300 280 939.

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