Footpath installation and maintenance

Footpath installation and maintenance

Footpaths are designed to ensure that your community has access to dedicated pathways leading from homes to shops, parks and public transport so that families have a protected space to walk away from roads and traffic. 

There are 3 types of footpath works that Council undertakes: 

1. Construct new footpaths in areas where there is no footpath provision 

2. Replace footpaths that are in poor condition 

3. Repair and maintain existing footpath

With over 700kms of footpaths currently in Hobsons Bay, ongoing repair and maintenance to preserve a certain standard within our community is organised and carried out systematically. Each footpath in a residential area is inspected annually or every 6 months in high use areas such as shopping precincts. If a footpath is deemed hazardous, there are a range of solutions Council takes to fix these, including immediate repairs or replacement.

The footpath condition audit for 2017 is currently underway. View the Footpath Condition Audit information flyer.(PDF, 108KB)

Often a next-day solution on footpaths is taken, depending on the size of the hazard, such as grinding or using asphalt fillets to make the footpath safe. The footpath is then prioritised depending on condition for replacement.  

Footpath installation works are a part of Council's annual Capital Works Program for 2016/2017. Council is continuing with its commitment to improve access to shops, schools and public transport for residents of all ages and abilities.

Current and upcoming footpath installation works

  • Gazley Court, Altona Meadows: east side   
  • Myers Parade (Newham way to Central Ave), Altona Meadows: east side   
  • Quinn Court, Altona Meadows: west side 
  • Whitehead Court, Altona Meadows: east side 
  • Walters Court, Altona Meadows: west side
  • Ayr Street, Altona Meadows: south side  
  • Hammond Court, Altona Meadows: east side 
  • High Street, Laverton: east side
  • Plenty Court, Altona Meadows: east side 
  • Hansen St (Shellard to McIntosh) Altona North: west side 
  • Warren Court, Altona Meadows: east side 
  • Blackshaws Road (New St to Don Site) Altona North: north side 
  • Mayfield Grove, Altona Meadows: south side 
  • Kororoit Creek Road (Merret Drive to Caspian Terrace) Williamstown: south side  

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do the routine maintenance works occur?  


These works are completed all year round with different areas of the municipality checked at different times.

The municipality is broken up into 6 areas:

Area 1 – Altona, Altona North & Brooklyn.
Inspections are done from October to November.

Area 2 – Laverton
Inspections are done from December to January.

Area 3 – Altona Meadows & Seabrook
Inspections are done from  February to March.

Area 4 – Williamstown & Seaholme
Inspections are done from April to May

Area 5 – Williamstown North
Inspections are done from June to July

Area 6 – Newport, Spotswood & South Kingsville
Inspections are done from August to September.

What disruptions / access issues will these works cause? Will I be notified? 

Works are complete within EPA guidelines and occur between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Footpath maintenance: Footpath maintenance works are minor and cause minimal disruption. If restricted access is necessary to perform the maintenance, this will only last a very short period. If residents are home at this time, they will be notified. If not, the restricted access issues will most likely not affect them.

Footpath installation: Residents will receive multiple notifications regarding the installation of a footpath adjacent to their property. Minimal access issues may occur but the contractor will endeavour to allow pedestrian access. If the footpath within the vehicle crossing has to be replaced, the vehicle crossing may be inaccessible for 1-2 days; in this case the contractor will provide further information. 

How do I report a hazard on a footpath?

You can report a hazard online, call 9932 1000 or visit Hobsons Bay City Council Civic Centre at 115 Civic Parade, Altona.

How do I request a street to be added to the footpath installation list? Council has a prioritised list of streets in which footpaths are scheduled to be constructed: according to safety, necessity and potential usage. However, if you believe a street is of high priority for footpath installation, please contact Council and request for a footpath to be installed. The street will be assessed and added to the list as per the criteria.

More Information

For more information on the details of our Footpath Maintenance, you can contact us by calling 9932 1000 or emailing us at

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