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Fitness Stations in Hobsons Bay

Hobsons Bay City Council is undertaking a trial of fitness equipment stations with a view to installing more fitness stations across the municipality. Over the past couple of years, as part of the Budget consultation process, Hobsons Bay City Council has received a number of requests to install fitness stations in our reserves. These requests were successful in the 2017/18 budget and $200 000 was allocated for a trial of fitness equipment stations. This trial will take place along the Cherry Lake Shared Trail.

Currently there are two reserves in Hobsons Bay that have fitness stations, one in Brooklyn and another in Altona Meadows. The fitness stations at these reserves have proved to be extremely successful with their local communities.



Location criteria and guiding principles have been developed to assist in the identification of future fitness stations across Hobsons Bay.


Cherry Lake Fitness Equipment Project

Cherry Lake has been selected as the initial site for the fitness equipment station trial. For six months following the installation, Council will be seeking community feedback on the stations and the type of equipment you use. This information will inform the implementation of future fitness stations.

There will be three separate fitness stations strategically paces along the trail, at key access points. In total, approximately 12 pieces of equipment will be installed for the community to use as part of this project.








Cherry Lake Fitness Station 3


Fitness Station Trial is now open

You can provide Council with your feedback on the types of equipment you like or don't like and any comments you would like to make on the Fitness Equipment here.


Project timelines

Stage Activity   Dates
Stage 1


Construction of fitness stations


June - July 2018
Stage 2


Community feedback on fitness stations


July - December 2018
Stage 3


Evaluation of feedback


December 2018


If you would like to talk to a member of the project team regarding this project you can email us or call 9932 1131.

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