Support services for young people

Hobsons Bay Youth Services provides a range of support based programs and services to young people. These programs focus on a variety of issues that include Self-esteem, Drug and alcohol issues, Respectful Relationships, Bullying, and Anger Management. The programs are often devised by identifying specific issues in schools and the community.

They are facilitated by two or three experienced Youth Services staff members and may include external facilitators when required. Youth Services also provides individual support to young people aged 12 to 25 years who live, work or study in Hobsons Bay. This type of support may include assisting young people to access Centrelink, local health services or linking them into employment or education opportunities.

List of Youth Services 2016 Laverton(PDF, 373KB)

Counselling for young people

Hobsons Bay Youth Counselling Service provides short to medium generalist counselling for young people.

Wynbay Football Team

The Reclink Football League is an inclusive team where everyone is welcome.