Young People with Disabilities

Young People with Disabilities

Youth Services offer programs and activities for young people aged 12 to 25 years who have disabilities and live, work or study in Hobsons Bay.

All programs and activities aim to provide opportunity for social inclusion, self expression, enhance community identity and integration and promote confidence building skills.

Skill Development Program 

Youth Services offer skill development programs twice a year for a duration of five to six weeks. Programs aim to support young people to develop and maintain skills to continue learning and participating in meaningful leisure, recreational and social activities.

The focus and content of these programs varies from being physically active through sport and recreation, to enhancing creative skills.

The Combi Program

The Combi program operates once a month on a Saturday and alternates excursion and centre based activities with a recreation and leisure focus.

Please Note

We are committed to providing young people from all backgrounds opportunities to participate and engage in community activities. Youth Services is currently in a transition phase with a move to the new Newport Libraries, Youth and Seniors Hub, which does not enable us to provide this service in the short term.

Therefore, we have placed a temporary hold running the Skill Development and The Combi Programs.

For more information, please contact administration at Hobsons Bay Youth Services on 9932 4000 or

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