Hobsons Bay City Council - Programs in Schools

Programs in schools

Hobsons Bay Youth Services runs a range of support programs in local secondary schools. These programs centre on topics that are pertinent to adolescent development and wellbeing. 

Youth Services have previously run programs that promote respectful friendships and relationships, physical and mental health and wellbeing, safety, positive body image, self care, stress and anxiety reduction and homophobia free schools. 

Youth Services staff can deliver pre-developed programs (i.e. Drumbeat, Pride and Prejudice, Be the Hero, Stride programs) or can develop programs to address a particular topic (i.e. Life fit and It’s a girl thing) . Most programs are designed to run within a school term; however, the duration can be adapted to suit the school’s needs. 

Youth Services also deliver one off sessions to schools as part of school health days and similar initiatives. Schools may request Youth Services to either deliver or co-facilitate a program. As the Youth Services calendar fills very quickly, please contact us as early as possible to discuss your requests.

For more information please call 9932 4000 or email dbeardsley@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au / eterris@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au