Women's Advisory Committee

Womens Advisory Committee

The goals of the Women’s Advisory Committee are to:

  • achieve greater participation of women in leadership roles within the community
  • celebrate and recognise women who are actively involved in the community

The Advisory Committee operates according to the following objectives:

  • to advise Council on issues affecting women’s participation
  • to advise Council on how new or revised policy may affect women’s issues, to ensure the policies meet women’s needs and aspirations
  • to promote a positive image of women as leaders within the Hobsons Bay municipality through various initiatives


The first Hobsons Bay Women’s Forum was held in October 2010. This initiative came about thanks to the Local Government Women's Charter Project and aimed to increase women's participation in local government.

The evening was hosted by the Women's Charter Champion, and was well attended. Joan Kirner AM, gave the keynote address on the importance of equitable representation of women in key decision-making processes.

The forum participants raised three main recommendations, that:

  • Council forms a women’s advisory committee
  • a sub-group of the forum convene to work towards the establishment of a women’s advisory committee
  • consideration of a women’s forum is to be held on a regular basis 

A sub-group met in May 2011 to develop a draft 'terms of reference' to define the purpose of the committee, membership and regularity of meetings.

Current Membership

There are 19 members on the Committee who are from a range of ages and backgrounds. The members are: Justine Brogna, Rhonda Collins, Valerie Dripps, Chelsea Hatherall, Julia  Kaye, Wendy Kostraby, May Kotsakis, Susan Miller, Robina Anne Rogan, Sandra Willis, Andree Parker, Amal Abou-Eid, Hue Man Dang, Ann Goodwin, Emma Weaver, Kerry Maikousis, Pamela Sutton-Legaud, Sonja Ilievska and Amira Maleken.

The Committee has been meeting since July 2013 and recruited new members in November 2015.

The Hobsons Bay Women's Advisory Committee is chaired by Cr Sandra Wilson.

If you require any further information, please contact Hobsons Bay City Council's Community Health and Wellbeing Officer on 03 9932 1284.

Some of the Womens Advisory Committee members along with Cr Marsich, Cr Wilson and HBCC CEO Chris Eddy

Some of the Women's Advisory Committee members with Cr Marsich, Cr Wilson and Council's CEO Chris Eddy
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