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Environmental Activities & Volunteering

Environmental activities & volunteering

Upcoming conservation events

For a brief summary of local conservation activities in Hobsons Bay, please check out the Upcoming Events page.



Discover more about your local park by becoming a volunteer. Friends Groups are community-based groups located at various sites throughout Hobsons Bay.

By volunteering with one of the Friends Groups you can contribute to the conservation of your local parks. You will also be creating greater public awareness of the value and use of these areas for present and future generations.

Taking part in voluntary conservation work is a unique opportunity to work for a better environment in your neighbourhood. The various activities carried out include weeding, rubbish collection, tree planting and watering, as well as collecting and distributing information on the conservation values of their area and assisting other agencies with the management of the area to eradicate pests and prevent degradation.

Conservation Activities Calendar 2017


Local Friends Groups

Council works closely with the following Environmental Friends Groups:

  • Friends of Greenwich Bay
  • Friends of Laverton Creek
  • Friends of Lower Kororoit Creek
  • Friends of Newport Lakes
  • Friends of Skeleton Creek
  • Truginina Explosives Reserve Preservation Society
  • Friends of Williamstown Wetlands
  • Friends of Truganina Parklands

Find out what the Friends Groups are up to and any other the conservation events you can get involved in.


Schools environmental education program

Hobsons Bay Council Conservation Rangers provide a range of educational activities aimed at assisting local schools in their environmental education programs.

Activities include excursions to Conservation Reserves. Here the students can get involved in hands on activities like planting, mulching, weeding, and water testing. Guided walks and talks and activity sheets for students to complete on native plant and animals are a popular activity.

School incursions are also offered. These usually involve a power point presentation on one of a number of topics. Popular topics include – “This used to be a landfill site”. A number of HBCC Conservation Reserves were used for something else in a former life. “Local Snakes” Snakes that you may see around Hobsons Bay, what to do if you see one, how do I keep them out of my backyard, are some of the areas covered.


Other community group activities

Hobsons Bay Council Conservation Rangers provide a wide range of free activities to encourage community groups such as walking groups, bird watching groups, gardening clubs, scouts/cubs, etc.

Common activities include guided “Walk and Talks” through one of Hobsons Bays many conservation reserves. These are tailored to meet the needs of the group. Incursions are also available for local Hobsons Bay based groups. Seasonal events such as Summer by the Sea also provide the opportunity for community members to learn in a fun way about local plants and animals.

If you would like more information about any of the above activities, or are keen to join a Friends Group contact the Conservation Rangers on 99321000 or via email.

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