Volunteer Hobsons Bay Strategy 2017


In 2015 Hobsons Bay City Council developed the Active Volunteering Discussion Paper which provided an overview of volunteering in Hobsons Bay. Council then committed to developing a strategy on Active Community Volunteering that would add value and nurture an environment in which volunteering thrives while progressing and strengthening the inspiring work that had already begun. The 2016 consultations aimed to clarify and define a strategic direction for council by capturing the heart and voice of the volunteering community.

The feedback gathered has helped Council to develop the first Hobsons Bay Volunteering Strategy. Council is now asking for community to review the document and provide feedback and assist with the next steps in the planning process.

Please see the link below and follow the steps to have your say!

Tell us what you think, we welcome your feedback on the Draft Active Volunteering Strategy from 26 July 2017 through to 6 September 2017.


People interested in volunteering in the community can contact:

  • The Volunteering Information Service  Phone 8327 8500


  • Volunteer West 


            Email: info@volunteerwest.org.au or phone 9398 1233


  • Volunteering Victoria



  • GoVolunteer      



  • SeekVolunteer     


Council would like to acknowledge the work of all volunteers, and thank each volunteer for their contribution to the community.

People interested in volunteering with Council can contact:

  • Environmental volunteering: phone 9932 1266
  • Visitor Information Centre: phone 9932 4313
  • Seniors groups, including volunteer drivers: phone 9932 1586
  • Council libraries: phone 9932 3032
  • Food services: 9932 4048

Volunteer West

Volunteering Victoria GoVolunteer SeekVolunteer


Environmental Activities & Volunteering

Discover more about your local park by becoming a volunteer.