Refugee Week 18 to 24 June 2017

Refugee Week

Refugee Week is Australia's annual activity to inform the public about refugees and celebrate the positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society. Refugee Week coincides with World Refugee Day (20 June). This year’s theme is “With courage let us all combine”. Taken from the second verse of the national anthem, the theme celebrates the courage of refugees and of people who speak out against persecution and injustice. It serves as a call for unity and for positive action, encouraging Australians to improve our nation’s welcome for refugees and to acknowledge the skills and energy refugees bring to their new home.

Who are refugees?

“Any person who owing to a well founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his/her nationality and is unable, or owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself/herself of the protection of that country” (The Refugee Convention 1967).

Refugees are forced to leave their country because they are at risk of, or have experienced, persecution. The concerns of refugees are human rights and safety, not economic advantage. They leave behind their homes, most or all of their belongings, family members and friends. Some are forced to flee with no warning and many have experienced significant trauma or been tortured or otherwise ill-treated. The journey to safety is fraught with hazard and many refugees risk their lives in search of protection. They cannot return unless the situation that forced them to leave improves.

An asylum seeker is a person who is seeking protection as a refugee and is still waiting to have his/her claim assessed. Every refugee has at some point been an asylum seeker.

Want to find out more about Refugee Week?

Go to the Refugee Council of Australia website

Everyone is invited to attend the following free community events during Refugee Week from 18 to 24 June

Multicultural Fashion Parade

Friday, 23 June 2017

10am to 1pm

Laverton Community Hub

95-105 Railway Avenue, Laverton

Join us in celebrating Refugee Week with a fashion parade that showcases the diversity of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Hobsons Bay.

You are invited to wear your national costume or traditional dress or bring a photo, share your story and add to our cultural display.

This free event is presented by Hobsons Bay City Council and Hobsons Bay Settlement Network. Download flyer here.(PDF, 819KB)(PDF, 1MB) 

The Refugee Advocate – “With Courage Let Us All Combine”

Thursday 22 June

6pm to 8pm

Newport Community Hub

13-15 Mason Street, Newport

Inspiring advocates share their story in making a positive contribution to the lives of Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

Ann Morrow from Hobsons Bay Refugee Network joins us as Master of Ceremonies for an evening to acknowledge the inspirations and challenges of Refugee Advocates.

Panellist include: freelance journalist Michael Green, Brigidine Sister Brigid Arthur and Lindy Marlow from Cohealth.

This Refugee Week event also acknowledges local asylum seeker and refugee organisations who will offer information about making a difference to the lives of refugees in our own backyard.

Download flyer here.(PDF, 475KB)(PDF, 428KB)

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