The First People of Hobsons Bay

The First People of Hobsons Bay

The Aboriginal people who lived in what we now know as the City of Hobsons Bay are the Yalukit Wilum, a name meaning 'river camp' or 'river dwellers'.

Their history and story are told in this book 'The Yalukit Wilum: The First People of Hobsons Bay'. The book features a number of contemporary Aboriginal artworks and is also available at all Hobsons Bay Libraries.

Download a copy below.


The Yalukit Wilum Pages 1-5 (PDF, 3.9MB)(PDF, 4MB)

(PDF, 6MB)The Yalukit Wilum Pages 6-10 (PDF, 6.41MB)(PDF, 6MB)

(PDF, 6MB)The Yalukit Wilum Pages 10-15 (PDF, 6.91MB)(PDF, 7MB) (PDF, 6MB)

The Yalukit Wilum Pages 16-20 (PDF, 3.29MB)(PDF, 3MB)


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