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Environmental investigation & complaints

Environmental investigation & complaints

What is Nuisance?

The Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008

  A nuisance can be:

  • dangerous or liable to be dangerous to health
  • offensive - noxious or injurious to personal comfort

 A nuisance can be reported about any:

  • building or structure
  • land, water or land covered by water
  • animal, bird or pest animal
  • waste or refuse
  • noise emissions

Council must be satisfied that the state, condition or activity is a substantial and unreasonable interference, disturbance or annoyance that affects the use and enjoyment of an area.

All factors and conflicting interests must be considered when investigating a nuisance and determining the level of nuisance that would be reasonably expected.

What constitutes such a substantial degree of interference must be decided upon according to what are reasonable standards for the use or enjoyment of that area.

Council may take action under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 for causing and/or knowingly allowing a nuisance to exist.


For information on what is considered to be unreasonable noise, read the Environment Protection (Residential Noise) Regulations 2008

Reporting a noise nuisance

We suggest you speak to the person causing the noise first. Often people don’t realise they are disturbing their neighbours and the issue can often be resolved quickly.

If the nuisance continues or you feel uncomfortable approaching the person, contact the appropriate authority for help.



Type of noise

Contact Number

Environment Protection Authority (EPA) 

Noise from industrial premises.

1300 372 842

Victoria Police

Residential noise occurring outside business hours, noise from licensed venues including, noise from patrons outside an entertainment venue and music noise.  



Noise from residential premises including, barking dogs and noise from businesses.

9932 1000

*During business hours only.

To enable Council to become more actively involved, you are required to fill in the Noise log sheet(PDF, 108KB)

Complete the form and submit to Council by email or post. This will form part of the evidence gathered to substantiate your complaint.

The noise log must be completed if the matter is to be investigated by Council.  

Police and Councils have the authority to enforce the EPA regulations. Visit the EPA website for further information.


Air quality

Council’s Public Health Unit investigates complaints about smoke, offensive odours and fumes from residential premises. Please contact the Public Health Unit on 9932 1000.

Hot Tips For Cleaner Wood Heating is a link to a guideline for effective use of wood fired combustion stoves.

The EPA enforces air quality requirements for larger industries which are monitored by the EPA.



Rubbish, infectious and toxic waste may cause a public health nuisance, particularly if there is a direct impact on neighbouring residents.

The Public Health Unit investigates, assesses the risks associated with the waste and takes necessary enforcement action.


Investigating & resolving concerns

If you need mediation, the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria is a free and confidential service that helps resolve problems, including neighbourhood disagreements and uses mediation to help people settle their disputes.

The mediation process relies on both parties involved in the dispute be willing to discuss the problem with an independent mediator.

Contact us

For more information on handling neighbourhood nuisances, call our Environmental Health Officer on 9932 1000.

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