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Mosquito control around the home

Mosquito control around the home

You can make the most of your outdoor areas by reducing mosquito habitats around your home. Mosquitoes breed in still water and a small puddle or saucer of water can produce thousands of them.

Help stop mosquitos from breeding by:

  • disposing of all tins, tyres and other containers that may hold water
  • keeping swimming pools chlorinated, salted or empty when not in use
  • storing children’s wading pools upside down when not in use
  • overturning boats and dinghies or removing their drain plug so they do not hold water
  • emptying flower vases, pot plants and other receptacles that hold water at least once a week
  • drilling holes in tyres used for swings, playgrounds and garden surrounds to allow water to drain
  • emptying bird baths and pets drinking water at least once a week
  • keeping fish ponds stocked with fish
  • removing weeds and grass from drains to enable them to drain freely
  • repairing roof gutters and removing leaves and debris so that pools of water do not form
  • maintaining lawns and gardens so that you are not providing shelter for adult mosquitoes

Plants such as Pelargonium Citrosa (citrus geranium), Pennyroyal, Marigold, Basil and Rue are reputed to have mosquito repellent qualities.

For further information please contact the Public Health Unit on 9932 1000.

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