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Marriage Equality

Council has resolved to reaffirm its support for marriage equality at the Ordinary Council Meeting held on Tuesday 12 September.

Marriage equality survey findings

On the morning of Wednesday 15 November, just after 10am, the majority of the Australian community who voted in the marriage equality survey, has voted ‘yes’ to supporting marriage equality.  The ‘yes voters’ are currently estimated at approximately 61%. 

While Hobsons Bay City Council supports this result, in accordance with the Council resolution from the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 12 September to reaffirm its commitment to marriage equality, we acknowledge there is a significant journey that lies ahead for the Federal Government to formally recognise the public’s vote. 

Council’s ongoing campaign support

Since the 12 September Council resolution, Council has been expressing support for marriage equality on our website, social media and via posters on Council buildings.  This will continue as per the Council resolution until 8 December.   

Supporting inclusion, diversity and equal rights for our entire community has been a long standing commitment of Council. Council resolved to support marriage equality in April 2012 and is committed to upholding the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 and Equal Opportunity Act 2010. Council is already committed to supporting diversity and social inclusion, as captured in our Council Plan, as well as the Hobsons Bay 2030 Community Vision.

Council also remains committed to our Gender Equity Statement, which we endorsed in 2014, that states that ‘Hobsons Bay City Council is committed to a safe and just community, where every girl, boy, women, man and gender diverse person is included and valued – where equal and respectful relationships and opportunities for meaningful participation are supported and celebrated.’ 

Resolution endorsed by Council on Tuesday 12 September

That Council:

(a) Reaffirms its commitment to marriage equality;

(b) Notes that the Hobsons Bay City Council is committed to supporting social inclusion and advocating for the diversity within our community irrespective or sex, gender identity, culture, sexual orientation, sex characteristics, ability, age and religious beliefs;

(c) Advocates our support for marriage equality through the use of council resources such as our website, social media (e.g. twitter and Facebook), and phone on-hold messages, and by creating and installing appropriate signs, posters and/or stickers in council buildings and public places such as libraries and community centres; and

(d) Flies the Rainbow Flag in front of the Civic Offices from 13 September to 8 December 2017.

To listen to the podcast of the 12 September Ordinary Council Meeting, visit www.hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au/Council/Council-meetings/Podcasts-of-Council-meetings


In 2012, Council demonstrated its commitment to marriage equality when a Notice of Motion was carried at an Ordinary Council Meeting in 2012. The endorsed resolution reads as below:

Notice Of Motion No 957 – Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 And The Marriage Amendment Bill 2012


Moved Cr John Hogg, seconded Cr Michael Raffoul, that the Council:-

1.        Lodges a submission to the House of Representatives Committee Inquiry into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 and the Marriage Amendment Bill 2012 supporting marriage equality irrespective of sex, gender identity or any other attribute;

2.        Write to all local State and Federal Members of Parliament, the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, and the Commonwealth Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission advising them of the Council's position; and

3.        Request the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Victorian Local Governance Association to also lodge submissions on behalf of the Victoria Local Government Sector.