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Cat & dog registration

Cat & dog registration

All cats and dogs over the age of three months must be registered with Council. Registration renewals are due by 10 April this year. Penalties apply for failing to register a dog or cat.

A fee applies for animal registration, however concessions are available for pension card holders. Once registered, you will be given a tag for your animal to wear at all times. If your pet gets lost, the tag will easily identify them and ensure their safe return. This tag can be used for the lifetime of the animal. If it is misplaced, a replacement will be issued. Contact Council on 9932 1000 to request a replacement tag.

In line with state legislation, all animals must be microchipped when registered for the first time. This includes pets that are transferring from another Council.

You can download the Domestic Animal Registration Form from the Related Content section at the end of this page.

Forms can be returned via email to customerservice@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au 

Change to fees

Under an amendment to the Domestic Animals Act, owners will be eligible for a discounted registration fee all new registrations of dogs and cats if both are microchipped and desexed. Owners must now pay the maximum registration fee for new registrations of dogs and cats when microchipped but not desexed. The discounted registration will apply on presentation of a certificate to Council showing that the pet has been desexed.

Pets that have been previously registered as microchipped (but not desexed) still qualify for the discounted registration fee on an ongoing basis.

Registration fees will be charged on a pro rata basis for new registration applications received between October to April.



Category Regular fee Pensioner fee
Microchipped & desexed $37 $18.50
Cat over 10 years old $37 $18.50
Cat kept for breeding at licensed premises $37 $18.50
Cat registered with and owned by a current member of approved assoc. $37 $18.50
Cat not included in above $111 $55.50

Reduced fee cat desexing

Hobsons Bay City Council, in partnership with Petstock Vet Altona North and Altona Vet Clinic, is offering reduced fee desexing for cats on 20 and 21 February. Desexing has many great benefits for cats and the wider community. For more information, see our event listing or the information flyer(PDF, 203KB) .

Cat ownership

For more details on cat ownership, visit the following pages:

Who's for cats?

Cats as pets



Category Regular fee Pensioner fee
Microchipped & desexed $50 $25
Dog over 10 years old $50 $25
Dog kept for working stock $50 $25
 Dog kept for breeding at licensed premises $50 $25
 Dog registered with and owned by a current member of approved assoc. $50 $25
 Undergone obedience training with approved organisation $50 $25
 Dog not included in above $150 $75
Declared dangerous dog  $160 $160
Declared menacing dog  $160 $160
 Guard dog (non-residential premises) $160 $160


People eligible under the State Concessions Act 1966 (pension card, concession card, War Widows entitlements or TPI entitlements) are entitled to a 50 per cent concession rate. This does not include a health care card.

If you are eligible for registration at the concession rate, Council must see the original concession card or a copy to prove eligibility.

Note: A discount on registration applies to pet owners who desex and microchip their cat or dog. If a dog or cat is desexed after it has been registered, owners can apply for a partial refund calculated on a pro rata basis.

Guard dogs (dangerous dogs)

A dog that is kept for the purpose of guarding non-residential premises is automatically a dangerous dog under the Domestic Animals Act 1994. This has effect throughout Victoria, and it cannot be revoked – the dog is a dangerous dog for life, even if it ceases to be used for the purpose of guarding non-residential premises.

Domestic Animals Management Plan 2017-21

Council has adopted a new Domestic Animals Management Plan for 2017-21(PDF, 1MB) Key objectives of the Plan include to:

  • increase the number of registered domestic animals in the municipality
  • increase the number of micro-chipped domestic animals in order to assist Animal Management Officers with animal identification
  • continue reuniting impounded animals with owners where possible
  • maximise animal owner compliance with domestic animal laws, orders and regulations
  • investigate and resolve nuisance animal complaints in accordance with customer service completion timelines
  • reduce the number of nuisance cat complaints
  • implement a program to educate and enforce on leash requirements which will assist to reduce the likelihood of dog attacks in the community
  • ensure that all owners of declared dogs comply with relevant legislation and regulations
  • promote the benefits of de-sexing animals to the community
  • increase the rate of re-homing impounded animals
  • conduct a review of the appropriateness of off-leash reserves, in association with the development of Council’s Open Space Strategy
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