Hobsons Bay City Council - Animals



I have a new cat or dog. How do I register it?

All cats and dogs must be registered at three months or older. To register, fill in the Animal Registration Form.(PDF, 742KB)

Find out more about the cost of registering a cat or dog.


How do I cancel my cat or dog registration?

If you need to cancel your cat or dog registration please contact Council on 9932 1000.


How do I pay my dog or cat registration fee?

You can include your credit card details on the cat and dog registration form or you can pay by cash, cheque or eftpos at the Hobsons Bay Civic Centre. Find out more about the cost of registering a cat or dog. Forms can be emailed to customerservice@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au


I’ve found a stray dog/cat. What should I do with it?

If you or a community member find a lost cat or dog, it must be delivered to an authorised officer of the Council as soon as reasonably possible. For emergencies or to advise Council of a lost cat/dog after 4pm Monday to Friday, please contact Council’s after hours line on 9947 4685.

In accordance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994, Council aims to reunite all pets with their owners where possible and provides assistance and advice to community members on the process. If you have any other animal related enquiries, you can contact Council’s Animal Management department on 9932 1000 between the hours of 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. View the Domestic Animal Act 1994 (external link, new window).


A dog in my street barks all the time. Can I report it?

To find out how to report a barking dog please see the Barking Dogs webpage.


Important information

Responsible Pet ownership

Responsible pet ownership means meeting the health and welfare needs of your dog or cat and ensuring your animal does not cause a nuisance to the community or the environment.

Registration & Microchipping

All dogs over three months of age are legally required to be registered with Council.

Council is unable to register cats or dogs unless they are microchipped and it is an offence to sell, or give away an animal that is not microchipped. 


Council offers a reduced registration fee for desexed dogs and cats. Desexing has benefits for both health and temperament and means fewer unwanted kittens and puppies and therefore fewer strays and abandoned animals. Hobsons Bay Animal Management Service offers a number of low cost desexing events throughout the year for eligible pensioners. The events provide low cost, subsidised desexing for cats and kittens along with microchipping and registration.


Under Victorian law, all dog owners must securely confine dogs to their property. This means your yard must have a closed gate and an escape-proof fence. This will protect your dog from traffic, fights, and getting lost. It also protects the community from dog attacks. 

See Agriculture Victoria for more information and resources


Animal & Pet Permits

There are restrictions on the number of animals or birds you can keep, depending on the type of property you live.

Cat & dog registration

All cats and dogs over the age of three months must be registered with Council.

Dog off-leash locations

There are several parks and reserves in Hobsons Bay where dogs are allowed off-leash.

Pest control

Council's Public Health Unit provides information and advice on pest control.

Barking dogs

Barking is a natural behaviour for dogs, but excessive barking can become a nuisance to neighbours.

Snakes, bees & wasps

Information about dealing with snakes, bees and wasps on public land

Cat cages

Hobsons Bay residents can borrow cat cages from Council in order to safely and responsibly capture stray and nuisance cats

Dog Attacks

A dog attack can mean either a dog bites you or your pet causing harm or a dog chases or rushes at you or another person aggressively.