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Box office and ticketed events

Information on ticketed events and our box office service.

Council operates its own in-house box office and can provide full ticketing services through on-site ticket outlets, telephone and online sales via our website

Fees and Charges (Summary)

Your set-up fees:

  • $75 per event set-up fee which includes one box office staff member at the first performance.
    (This fee is non-refundable if your event is cancelled)
  • For larger events additional box office staff may be required. This will be charged at $27 per hour.
  • $60 for each additional box office staff member per each additional performance to the first.

Your fee per ticket:

  • A $2.50 fee per ticket sold, is charged for running your ticketing through our system. 
    Example: We sell your tickets for $25.00 to the public. We will return to you $22.50.

We will charge your patrons:

  • A $4.00 per transaction booking fee for phone bookings.
  • A $2.50 per transaction booking fee for internet bookings.

Postage & collection fees charged to patrons:

  • A $2.00 mailing fee per transaction if patrons would like tickets to be mailed out to them.

No fees will be charged if patrons would like to pick up tickets from the box office on the day of the event. 


If you would like further information and pricing details on how we could best assist you with your ticketing needs, please contact:

Venues Services Officer
Marcus Cassidy-Anderson
9932 4074