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Rifle Range Reserve

Rifle Range Reserve

The Rifle Range Estate is a prestigious development located in Hobsons Bay, approximately 16km south-west of Melbourne’s CBD. Positioned directly west of the historical suburb of Williamstown and with Port Phillip Bay acting as a backdrop, the surrounding landscape and setting of this development, that includes the Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve and Paisley-Challis Wetlands, is a significant factor for why people have chosen to live there. 

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There are:

  • three playgrounds
  • three bird hides

The Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail passes through the reserve.

Vegetation Management Plan

In recent times, issues have arisen around plant vandalism that has included the illegal removal and poisoning of species throughout the Rifle Range Reserve. It is understood that much of this destruction is motivated by vegetation blocking views from properties to the bay. Structural damage to properties by aggressive root systems has also been expressed as a concern by local residents.

In response to these issues, the Council has commissioned this Vegetation Management Plan. It is the intent of this plan to propose strategies and recommendations that will seek to address the core issues of the vegetation destruction, improve visual amenities and the way residents interact with the reserves. Furthermore, it will aid the Council in continuing to improve and protect the reserves’ biodiversity and ecological values in a more strategic way so as to not adversely affect residents.

Vegetation Management Plan(PDF, 22MB)

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