Discover Your Own Backyard

Discover Your Own Backyard

In partnership with Destination Melbourne, we encourage you to discover and experience all that your local area has to offer as part of a new local tourism campaign, called Discover Your Own Backyard.

There is no doubt that if the people visiting friends and family in our municipality have a great visitor experience, they will keep coming back, they will tell others, and our local community will continue to grow and benefit.



Theme 4 - Explore the neighbourhood (and shop!)

Hobsons Bay has loads of interesting neighbourhood shopping strips. Some are anchored by much loved stores that have been part of our weekly shop for years and others kickstarted by innovative and impressive newcomers. 

As well as its established shopping areas in Altona, Laverton, Newport and Williamstown, Hobsons Bay includes some wonderful and diverse shoppingstrips worth crossing town for.



 Some are lined by long standing businesses that have served us through a generation or two, and others are firmly on the map through the arrival of impressive new cafés, bakeries, specialty food stores and the like.

So explore the neighbourhoods in Hobsons Bay and discover a world of options especially when it comes to food. Whether you are eating out or taking food home, planning to cook for an occasion or just putting together the weekly basics, shopping locally has many benefits. Shopping local is always good for business. It helps our local economy grow and can help create a rich experience.




If you are eating out, locals in Laverton love Fresh Chilli Thai in Aviation Road,so much so it is one of our highest rated restaurants on Trip Advisor. That’s not to take away from your own favourite Thai, hopefully you also have one close to where you live. We have so many good Thai restaurants in the west, we could easily plan a story about them all.

The Middle Eastern food scene is particularly vibrant here in Hobsons Bay, especially around Altona North, where newcomer Seaside Flatbread Café in Borrack Square was featured as a #1 food destination in The Age (Good Food section). With a simple and well priced menu of healthy food, you couldn’t find a better takeaway lunch or afterschool snack option. Also try Cedars or Sammy’s in Newport, or Al Nada in Hudsons Road, Spotswood. The Circle and its array of fresh food draws shoppers from a wide radius.


 The_Circle.jpgWhether you are out and about for a weekly shop, a weekend treat or shopping for entertaining (or entertainment), a stop at Altona Fresh in Second Avenue, Altona North never disappoints. Take a number
and join the queue at the deli counter on a Saturday morning and try and resist the cannoli or jam donuts on the way out. Altona Fresh Altona North is a popular spot for shopping for any occasion with an ever expanding and impressive product range. 

Hudsons Road in Spotswood hosts the Duchess of Spotswood, Café Mies, Candied, A Bunch of Cakes, Spottiswoode Hotel, Al Nada, and an emerging design scene. Word is out about the arrival of Two Birds Brewery, handily close to the Spotswood train station.



 We’ve visited Vernon Street, South Kingsville for years for the hospitality offered by the Famous Blue Raincoat staff and now we can visit for a range of food shops.

Head over to Harrington Square in Westona for specialty cake supplies at Borg’s Cakes or go to Waffee for, you guessed it, waffles and coffee.

Be inspired by authentic, diverse, well priced,healthy, delicious food options. Explore and discover, right in your own backyard.


Cr Sandra Wilson, Mayor of Hobsons Bay


Q. How long have you lived in Hobsons Bay?

A. Since 1994 in Spotswood, then Newport and Altona Meadows. It seemed the perfect place to live. Close to the city, the beach, a good community feel and plenty of open space.

Q. What is on your list of must see destinations when hosting family and friends?

A. The 100 Steps at Truganina. We love it for the view, the natural environment and the bird habitat. I have ornithologists in the family and we always go for a walk there and along Laverton Creek when they visit.

Q. Are there any hidden gems you’re willing to share?

A. Woods Street Arts Space in Laverton. It’s revitalising the neighbourhood there. Truganina Explosives Reserve now a beautiful parkland with a scintillating view over the bay. Kororoit Creek an oasis within an industrial landscape and a haven. Altona North has some of the best international food. The Circle for Middle Eastern and fresh foods, Altona Fresh in Second Avenue is a magnet for those who love deli treats, and for the best Lebanese pizzas and spinach pies don’t miss Seaside Flatbread Café at Borrack Square.

Q. What is the one thing about Hobsons Bay that you’d like to tell the world about?

A. That there are two ‘must see’ cultural centres located here! Scienceworks, an atmospheric, interactive learning space for all ages housed in a beautiful French Revival building; and the Substation. It’s like our own Tate Modern!


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Discover, Explore, Experience your Backyard

About Discover Your Own Backyard Video

Produced by Wine.Food.Hotel in collaboration with Destination Melbourne and Hobsons Bay City Council where we follow the Coastal Trail and interview locals on the things they love best about living in their local area and unearth some of the hidden gems that only a local would know. The video features The Substation, Gem Pier, The Punt, Timeball Tower, Altona Beach and Truganina Coastal Park all located in Hobsons Bay.


For more information, please contact Economic Development on 9932 1000. For more information on all things to see and do in Hobsons Bay please visit

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