#favouritetrees - share your story

#favourite trees - share your story

We want to know your favourite trees in Hobsons Bay. 

Trees can bring out different reactions in different people. The tree that drops flowers like confetti might be an annoyance for someone, but a thing of beauty for someone else.

So what's your favourite - and why?

This is what we want you to do. Post on Facebook a photo of your favourite tree, the type (if you know it), the location, and why it’s special to you along with the terms #HobsonsBay #favouritetrees - follow these steps:

  • Go to Council's Facebook page (type in Hobsons Bay City Council in the Facebook search filed)
  • Type in the details of your favourite tree (type, location and why it is special to you) where it says 'Write something on the page'
  • Include the hashtags #HobsonsBay #favouritetrees
  • Add a photo
  • Publish

Each week the #favouritetrees post with the most likes will be declared that week's winner. The winning resident will get a free tree for their garden. Think of it as a ‘tree-ward’ for your efforts.


tree FB post.jpg

Here are the trees the winning residents can choose from:


Acacia implexa: a  drought tolerant upright small tree with an open crown, long slender green leaves and pale yellow flowers in summertime.

Banksia integrifolia: a native with rough patterned bark and long green leaves with a silver underside. Pale yellow flowers are a cylinder shape and can be seen in summer to winter. The seed pods stay on the branch for long periods and look very ornamental.

Corymbia ficifolia: consistent, uniform and very, very showy. Varied landscape uses including small gardens or areas that have restricted space, streetscapes or as a small specimen tree.


Acer freemanii: a medium to large shade tree with ascending branches known for great autumn colour. The traditional maple shaped leaves turn lipstick red in the autumn providing fantastic contrast to its green surroundings. The bark is smooth and dark greyish brown.

Fraxinus pennsylvanica:  a deciduous tree that is pyramidal when young, opening with age. It has dark green, shining foliage to 300mm long and the autumn foliage colour is exceptional—dark, rich red. Some say that this foliage will hold longer than others. An excellent functional tree for many sites.

Lagerstroemia indica: from China, Korea, Japan and Indian Subcontinent Lagerstroemia indica is a small, often multi-stemmed, deciduous tree with a wide spreading, flat topped, rounded, or even spike shaped open habit. Planted in full sun or under canopy, the tree is a popular nesting shrub for songbirds and wrens.

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