The Care Taker Is In by Dan Goronzy (Spotswood)

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Hudsons road, Spotswood
Have you got something on your mind? A thought that keeps bugging you? A feeling that just won’t go away?
Sit down and relax. The Care Taker Is In. Sitting on the street with some comfy chairs the Care Taker will collect your anonymous cares, especially ones you would like to be free from.
Dan Goronszy creates unusual arts experiences that provoke big conversations about humanity and the world. She is a multi-disciplinary artist drawing on participatory installation, puppetry and physical theatre to connect with audiences who may not seek out the arts.

Also happening on Saturday 8 September and Sunday 10 September at Altona Gate Shopping Centre


The Care Taker Is In by Dan Goronzy (Spotswood)
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