Lion Taming your Arts Project applications open until 21 August

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM


• To meet a cross section of artists who live in the area of the Art & Industry Festival

• To create an environment where artists can talk about their work and extend their skills while exchanging ideas

• To present a process of creating and managing arts projects

• To assist artists and those who are interested in producing arts projects for possible inclusion in the Art & Industry Festival a way of formulating those projects

• To create a joint language around art projects which is understood by several people in the community

• To extend the skills of local artists from a variety of levels of experience


Donna Jackson has a method of working, which supports artists to clarify their objectives and structure arts projects. This method is flexible in being able to accommodate a variety of artistic mediums from theatre to design to multi media and installation. It has been utilised by artists across Victoria and nationally.

It focuses on the importance of good ideas and how to match them with strong but flexible project management. It draws on research undertaken in a PhD in this area of arts practice.


Artists and participants are invited to attend a series of workshops in which they will meet other people who create art or wish to make art in the area. At each workshop Donna Jackson will present a talk/lecture in a different aspect of developing arts projects. These topics will include, assessing aesthetic ideas to see if they can work, creating aims for projects, making the impossible happen through clear planning and project management.

During the process of the workshops the artists will have the opportunity to use this framework to create a possible project for the Art & Industry Festival. They may do this as a solo artist or in a small team. There will be projects that can be undertaken as a project should artists not have their own.

Who would find these workshops useful?

• Artists who have great ideas but find it hard to bring them to fruition

• Experienced artists who want to meet other artists in the area for inspiration

• People who want to make arts projects happen in the area but are not sure how to do this

• People who do art as a hobby and want to extend their skills

• People with a high level of skill in an area that is not normally seen as a recognised art form. For example dressmakers, panel beaters, boat and sail makers and hairdressers.

How will this work?

The workshops will take place in six sessions over the months of August to November 2017.

They will start at the Woods Street Arts Space at 44 Woods Street in Laverton and move to different art and community spaces across the area. At the conclusion of the workshops some arts projects will be offered projects with a small amount of funding (amount TBC), some will be offered mentoring to create work in the festival, some will be supported to apply for arts funding to create the work in the festival, some will be offered specific roles to undertake during the festival which will extend their skills and experience in a specific area of interest.

Sundays 1 - 4pm Dates

August 27

September 3, 10, 24

October 29

November 5

How to apply

Send an application to by 21 August 2017.

This should be not longer than 4 x A4 pages. It should describe why you think theseworkshops would be useful to you and your current arts experience. If you have ideas for projects for the Art & Industry Festival please describe them briefly.

Places and costs

There are 20 places available. To ensure commitment and to cover costs there is a fee of $150 for employed and $100 for students/concession card holders. There will be some scholarship places and, if interested in this, state it in your application. At the conclusion of the workshops projects chosen for the Art & Industry Festival can have cost of the workshops put toward the art project.


Lion Taming your Arts Project applications open until 21 August
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