Woods Street Arts Space

Woods Street Arts Space

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Holding an exhibition or workshop

Do you have an artistic workshop you would like to run?
An exhibition proposal or creatice event?
Are you interested in a residency period at Woods Street arts space?
Please have a careful look at our Woods Street Arts Space User Agreement(DOCX, 1MB) to make sure you can meet all the criteria, fill it in and email it back to woodsstreetartsspace@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au.

For all booking enquiries please contact Arts and Culture on 9932 1000 or email woodsstreetartsspace@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au or email arts@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au

44 Woods Street Laverton VIC 3028
PO Box 21
Altona VIC 3018


About Woods Street Arts Space

Hobsons Bay City Council, with the support of the community, has taken the lease of the former post office at Lohse and Woods Street, in the spirit of urban renewal and recognising the role arts can play in activating space.

Woods Street Arts Space provides a shopfront style facility for community groups to host art exhibitions, resdencies and facilitate workshops.

About Lohse and Woods

The former post office on Woods Street in the Lohse and Woods shopping precinct became vacant during 2010/11. Left to sit in a dilapidated state, it was vandalised and Council received complaints from residents about it. The building being ‘on the market’ for rental presented an opportunity for Council to intervene and create a positive outcome in a location that is noted in Council’s Laverton Cross Directorate planning as being critical to community and urban renewal in Laverton. 

Urban revitalisation and activating spaces

Creating a shop front arts space was inspired by the good outcomes of Renew Newcastle which was established to find short and medium term uses for buildings in the CBD that were vacant, disused or waiting development. It drove effective ‘grass roots’ renewal using the arts and innovation as the key drivers. Woods Street has a calendar of workshops and exhibitions that allows local artists to use the space at no cost as long as their pitches and ideas meet certain criteria.

Arts and Culture Plan

Council has adopted the Hobsons Bay Arts and Culture Plan 2011-15. Woods Street Arts Space brings the arts to a part of the city that does not have arts infrastructure except for the performing arts facility at Laverton P-12. Notwithstanding, the arts have made a valuable contribution to community renewal in Laverton. The Laverton Arts Forum meets regularly and arts projects and exhibitions bring people together. The local artist community is growing, not surprising due to relative housing affordability in the area. 

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