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Get your business involved in Art in Public Places 2017!

Art in Public Places is a biennial city wide event that exhibits the artwork of western region artists in various venues across Hobsons Bay. The program links the community, local businesses, and Hobsons Bay’s vibrant arts scene, and provides an opportunity for artists to showcase their work to an audience who may not otherwise see it.

The fee for participating artists and businesses is $99 inc gst.

Registrations are now open until Thursday 9 March 2017.

As a three times winner of the Australian Business Arts Foundation state award in the Toyota Community Category, Art in Public Places is recognised for the unique contribution that the program makes to furthering partnerships between business and the community.

 Why be involved in Art in Public Places

  • Art in Public Places is a way to promote your business through various means including a media campaign and marketing material that directly relates to the project.
  • Art in Public Places will link businesses through a program launch, official booklet and website that will promote all exhibitions and events throughout the month long program.
  • Hobsons Bay City Council will do all the hard work! We will coordinate artists and nominate a suitable artist for your venue, with consideration to the space available and aesthetics. We are available to communicate with you and your nominated artist before, during and after the event!
  • There is no cost to your business, except maybe a little bit of your time! Artists pay a fee to be part of Art in Public Places. Hobsons Bay City Council coordinates the program. However, some businesses choose to work closely with their artist to enhance the exhibition and do that ‘little bit extra’, such as a launch in your venue. This is a choice between you and your artist.
  • Perhaps you have an ‘arty’ idea to enhance your business or venue. Discuss with us, and we can help your idea come to fruition.
  • Most importantly, it is a great networking opportunity!

 What is required from you

  • Enthusiasm to be involved! Including the willingness to support and liaise with your nominated artist or artists to coordinate installation of artworks. Developing a good relationship with your artist makes for a successful Art in Public Places.
  • To make sure your staff are aware about your participation in the Art in Public Places 2017 so they understand the program.
  • A medium to large vacant wall or an area that is suitable to exhibit artwork. This can be a cabinet, floor space, window space, empty bookshelves etc
  • Confirmation of your involvement and a designated exhibition space that has a hanging system or the flexibility to install hooks (that can be removed after the exhibition) or floor/shelf space available for sculptural works for the whole of April 2017.
  • Your business would operate regular working hours. Artists may discuss the possibility of an exhibition launch with you, which is at your discretion.
  • Artists are required to offer the business 20% total commission for any artwork sold from your venue during the Art in Public Places Program.
  • Commitment to exhibit artwork onsite for the entire timeline of the project.

If you have an existing relationship with an artist that you wish to exhibit in Art in Public Places, please make a note on your registration form.

 Further information

  • Artists are carefully selected from a detailed exhibition proposal and accepted into the project providing a suitable venue is sourced. Businesses are notified of their exhibiting artist. Artists are required to contact the business owner to discuss artwork needs.
  • Artists are responsible for the insurance of their artworks. The businesses and Hobsons Bay City Council are not liable for theft or damage to artworks, during the Art in Public Places timeframe.
  • The business/gallery/venue will umbrella the artist through their own Public Liability Insurance.

 Don’t forget

To fill out the online registration form so we can start getting you matched with an artist. If you are having trouble with registering or have any other queries then get in touch.

Sandy Cook
Business Liaison Officer
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Arts and Culture Team
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